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What makes Baloo so special

Baloo's little brother is even cuter than his bigger brother, we think! When we met Baloo and his big brother for the first time we couldn't help but ask him where he got his name. He told us that, when he was little, a beary good friend roamed the Jungle with him. Together they had the best time. He is now named after him. We had no idea what he was talking about but it doesn't matter. Baloo makes us really happy and we're sure he will make you happy too!

Baloo's survival guide


Besides Baloo's life story, we have to comment on his remarkable leaves. They are quite fast growing and moisture-wicking, which makes for high humidity. Good for Baloo, good for you! Banana plants contain about 80% water. Needless to say, Baloo is a thirsty roommate and really adores the sun! So pick a bright spot and... go bananas!


Plants will turn your house into a home!

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